The ISI District Championship Series as developed to give skaters a place to:
*Develop programs and track growth over a competitive season
* Meet new friends
* Celebrate participation

Participants are awarded points for placement in each event they take part in at participating competitions over the season. Competitors receive points will be based the Edge points that are awarded at each competition.

Championship Series Categories

Beginner  Skating Category - Addyson Adams and Alexia Fink tied for 3rd for the 2014-2015

    * points accumulated from level specific competition program (Tot 1- 4, Pre alpha through Delta), stroking, figures, ice dance and jump & spin. Tied for 3rd in Basic Skating

Freestyle Category - Katarina Koehler is the Freestyle Champion for District 7 for the 2014-2015
    * points accumulated from freestyle competition program (FS1-10 and Open Freestyle Bronze- Platinum), solo compulsories, footwork, figures, artistic,couples (test track events not couple spotlight), ice dance (either solo or partnered, including original and free dance), and jump & spin

Overall Team Champion: Silver Blades was 2nd for the 2014-2015 season
    * This will be the rink that has the highest point total for all events any individual, couple or team event. Participation points for individuals/partner events will be awarded as previously described.Teams,including ensemble, team compulsory, synchronized, pattern, production, jump & spin (4 skater teams) and kaleidaskate.


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